We often forget in this country how much education is a luxury and how vital it is to a child’s success. Breaking the cycle of poverty through education is an important component for a plan of a poverty-free Africa; something we are proud to support. The building of all OmniPeace schools is further proof that “Fashion Truly Can Save Lives.

It is our responsibility as those who can influence fashion and culture, to influence it for a greater good. OmniPeace raises awareness and funds for causes that need our support and our voice on a global level.

And because of your support, OmniPeace has built seven schools in Africa. With your continued support we will build our eighth school, and first ‘music’ school in Rwanda. Please help us in accomplishing our goal by making a DONATION.

Thank you,

Mary Fanaro

OmniPeace and The New York Giants


The OmniPeace Foundation and The New York Giants sent two convoys into Southern Somalia with the Global Enrichment Foundation. Their mission was a success! Thousands of people lined up to receive enough food and supplies to walk for two weeks to a refugee camp on the border of Kenya and Somalia where they would be safe. More than 10,000 families who were severely affected by the famine were fed, and the most vulnerable took priority. OmniPeace clothed over 300 men, women, and children with OmniPeace T-shirts.


This viral video was produced by OmmiPeace to get the attention of every technology company in the world purchasing conflict minerals in Congo. It was a 'call-to-action’ initiative to urge them to stop funding the deadliest conflict in the world since World War II, with over six million dead and hundreds of thousands of women and children being raped. We must ensure these technology companies' profits are not being built off the blood of women and girls in Congo.

This war is fueled by a multimillion dollar trade in minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold) which are refereed to as ‘conflict minerals’. These minerals are in high demand electronic products such as cell phones, laptops, computers, mp3 players. Once consumers realize their purchases are funding the worst sexual violence on the planet against women and children, they will be motivated to purchase only ‘conflict-free’ electronic systems.


We are pleased to announce that Apple and Intel will soon boast “conflict-free” gadgets and laptops. The two tech companies joined the Conflict-Free Smelter Program, a voluntary project by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative and Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition requiring third-party verification that the processing plants where the companies purchase their materials don’t source minerals from the DRC. This is great news but there is still much more that has to be done. As consumers, we must demand conflict-free electronics by pressuring electronics companies to remove conflict minerals from their production line so we can help end this injustice in Congo.

OmniPeace Founder/CEO, Mary Fanaro along with Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Sheryl Crow at the launch of OmniPeace’s ‘Stamp Out Violence Against Women and Girls of Congo' T-shirt campaign. Funds from the sale of these T-shirts went to the City of Joy, a treatment and healing center created by Eve Ensler, for women and children rape victims of war in Congo.

Eve Ensler (Founder V-Day Foundation), Dr. Mukwege (winner United Nations Humanitarian Prize and doctor at Panzi Hospital) and actress Rosario Dawson

All of the images above are courtesy of Lalela Project. The ’Stamp Out Violence Against Women and Girls of Congo’ T-shirt campaign was a collaboration between Lalela Project and OmniPeace. The images were drawn by child victims of violence of war in Congo. These hand drawn images were incorporated into the body of the OmniPeace logo on the t-shirts, as seen above in 'Girl Power For Africa’.



This hangtag was on all Congo T-shirts in retail stores and doubled as a ‘call-to-action‘ postcard pre-addressed to President Obama, urging him to support our campaign and help stop the violence. The White House continues to receive these postcards.



OmniPeace rang the opening bell at NASDAQ in celebration of their seventh school. The ‘Just for One Day’ campaign was supported by the One Group who donated proceeds to OmniPeace from their STK midtown location that evening.