It is with enormous gratitude that we are proud to announce the launch of our eighth school and first music school in Kigali, Rwanda, a.k.a. Rwanda Rocks! During this time, we conducted a two-week workshop that included children from Musicians without Borders, Meg Foundation and the Gisimba Orphanage. Musicians without Borders provides music therapy to children living with HIV. The Meg Foundation provides support to orphans and women of the genocide, and the Gisimba Orphanage is home to over 200 children in Rwanda.

The Rwanda Rocks Music School gives children the opportunity to explore music as a tool of self-expression, while improving their basic education. The Rwanda Rocks Music School will nurture and amplify the spirit of healing through the power of music.

Our very generous sponsors Gibson Foundation, Roland, Canopus, and DW Drums donated all the instruments for the school and Rock-It Cargo made sure they arrived there safely. We had equally as generous and amazing teachers for this workshop; Richard Carrick, New York Philharmonic conductor and now head of music composition at Berklee College of Music taught music theory; Chris Nicholson, head of Musicians Without Borders (and also our partners on the ground in Rwanda), and Congolese sensation, Tam Fum, taught guitar; lastly, local instructor James Mutinda taught percussion.

Once our workshop was completed, we rocked Rwanda with Rwanda Rocks Live! an event that included performances by the children, a Burundian drum troupe, the Royal Dance Company from Uganda, Tusker Project Fame winner Hope Irakoze, and comedian Arthur Nkusi.

We are thrilled to have had such a wonderful experience and OmniPeace Foundation was embraced by everyone from the Minister of Youth, Minister of Trade & Industry, to The First Lady of Rwanda, Jeannette Kagame.

Our first official day of school was Monday, September 5th, and three Rwandan teachers are now employed, providing human capitol to the Rwandan workforce.

It is with enormous gratitude that we thank you for your generous donations that continue to make our dreams come true.

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OmniPeace Foundation builds schools to empower youth living in extreme poverty. Every time you purchase an OmniPeace T-shirt, you are supporting the Rwanda Rocks! campaign.

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